Dr. Carol Anne Spreen is an Associate Professor of International Education at NYU Steinhardt’s Department of Humanities and Social Sciences. Her scholarship brings together interdisciplinary and comparative approaches to examining education policy and practice. Her research centers on political and socio-cultural studies of educational change, particularly the influences of globalization and corporate privatization on teaching and learning. Her current research projects address three areas: (1) teachers lives and work, i.e. understanding how international policies and organizations impact teachers and classroom practice (e.g. teacher migration, curriculum reform, accountability and testing movements); (2) defining educational quality and school achievement beyond standardized tests through a rights-based framework, and (3) using participatory/action research to study the impact of poverty and inequality on education. She is currently working on two book projects: teachers’ lives and work in rural African schools (South Africa, Kenya, and Uganda) and teachers’ global mobilization and resistance to the privatization of education. Dr. Spreen’s research has been published in a variety of leading peer-reviewed academic journals, book chapters, and several monographs, or as published proceedings from various consultative groups. She is currently a Visiting Professor at the University of Johannesburg (UJ) in South Africa, and an affiliated researcher at the Center for Education Rights and Transformation. She has won numerous teaching and service awards, and has raised over $1 million in grant funding for international research and academic community engagement initiatives. She also serves on various Advisory Boards, Working Groups, and as a Critical Friend to several education policy and development organizations (including Education International, the Brookings Institution, the Right to Education Project, and the World Bank). Over the last two decades she has served as a researcher for several of the US’s leading educational research centers: School Redesign Network (SRN), National Center for Restructuring Education, Schools and Teaching (NCREST), Center for Research and Evaluation on Standards and Student Testing (CRESST), and North Central Regional Educational Laboratory (NCREL). She has worked with many educational development and planning organizations, and assisted numerous schools, districts, universities and educational ministries with various reform innovations.