The conference is organised by the Campus Villarrica of the Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile.

The Organizing Committee is formed by the following scholars and professionals:

  • Dr Viviana Gómez Dr Viviana Gómez
  • Dr Alfredo Gaete Dr Alfredo Gaete
  • Dr María de la Luz Márquez Dr María de la Luz Márquez
  • Dr Laura Luna Dr Laura Luna
  • Dr Karina Cárdenas Dr Karina Cárdenas
  • Dr© Gonzalo Valdivieso Dr Gonzalo Valdivieso
  • Dr© Andrea Villagrán Dr© Andrea Villagrán
  • Pablo Gutiérrez Pablo Gutiérrez
  • Martín Bascopé Martín Bascopé
  • Teresa Toyos Teresa Toyos
  • Claudio Tapia Claudio Tapia